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How to get on the same page as your partner

9 simple exercises to help navigate parenting disagreements and get on the same page as your partner.

Your dynamic as a couple changes once you have a baby thrown into the mix – sometimes in unexpected ways. Transitioning to a “family unit” is often tricky, and can bring on stress and disagreements in parenting styles – especially with sleep!

Maybe you’re struggling with a partner who thinks that you shouldn’t bedshare, but that’s how you get the most sleep. Or maybe they think that sleep training is the only way to “fix” your baby and they’ve heard that it “works”… but you feel differently. 

It can be difficult to discuss issues like this with our partners, especially when emotions are running high and you’re sleep deprived.

I’ve put together a free worksheet with 9 simple exercises to help guide you through the three steps outlined below.
It’s designed to help you connect with yourself and your partner, find some common ground, and get the conversation going

1 . The first step is to focus on you and make sure you’re in a good headspace.
Do something nice for yourself (like pouring yourself a cup of tea), and get grounded in perspective.

2. The second step is to focus on your partner and identify if they have any unmet needs.
Could this be the driving force behind wanting to do something a certain way?

3. The third step is to focus on the two of you and come up with solutions together. 

Use my worksheet for all kinds of scenarios (discipline, feeding, etc), not only for sleep. Use it anytime you feel stuck and want to work on an issue with your partner.

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